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5 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home and Elsewhere

Fall prevention is very important because an accident can happen at any time, and a fall can result in serious, sometimes even life-threatening, injuries. 

The following tips will help you prevent falls and stay safe:

  1. Stay As Healthy As Possible

Practicing good self-care is one of the best ways to avoid falling, which means you must stay active and well-nourished. You must also take good care of your feet and eyes and understand how certain medical conditions and prescription medications impact the risk of falls. This knowledge will allow you to apply the best prevention strategies tailored to your condition and lifestyle.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Use Assistive Devices

Many people do not use assistive tools because they think it’s a sign of weakness, but putting your pride aside will allow you to remain safe. Assistive devices and corrective lenses will allow you to remain independent and feel safe because you will avoid slip and fall hazards. You will feel steadier on your feet as these devices provide balance and stability assistance.

  1. Turn on the Lights

You are far more likely to bump into things when you can’t see where you’re going in your own home, potentially tripping over items in your path during evening hours. A well-lit home is a lot safer as it will lower the risk of falls, and you can easily navigate through your home. Add lighting to your hallways and stairwells to see where you’re going and ensure nothing is in your way. 

  1. Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Magazines, cords, ottomans and loose carpeting can all cause dangerous falls, and you need to eliminate such hazards from your home. Remove these items and create clear paths to prevent slips and falls, and do your best to ensure your home is organized with ample walking space. You shouldn’t have to walk around furniture or piles of books, and your floors should be clean and clear.

  1. Make the Necessary Changes

Whether it’s loose floorboards or the installation of stair grips, some fall-prevention improvements will require extensive effort, but these projects are worth your time. Installing handrails in bathrooms is a smart idea, as is installing non-skid flooring. Stairways should have sturdy banisters, and anything that seems even remotely dangerous should be fixed. 

Taking a few precautions will minimize your risk of falling, and your home will be a safe and risk-free environment. Falling can affect your independence and health, which is why you need to take all of the necessary steps to avoid accidents from occurring.


Are you experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of a fall? Whether you fell at home or elsewhere, physio and chiropractic care can help, and the experts at Apex Physiotherapy & Chiropractic can help provide relief. We will find the source of your pain and provide compassionate, comprehensive treatment. 

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