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Can Orthotics Help with Sciatic Pain?

Custom orthotics can help alleviate lower back pain, and if you suffer from sciatica, this is an effective device you can consider. Custom orthotics provide foot support and are designed to cushion your heel, toes and foot. You will experience relief from discomfort and pain caused by sciatica, a symptom of any common lower back problems. 

Those who suffer from sciatica will feel numbness, weakness, tingling or pain that will start in the lower back and travel through the buttock to the large sciatic nerve that runs down the back of your leg.

How Orthotics Can Help with Sciatica

Lower back pain falls into two categories; chronic lower back pain, which is any ache or pain that lasts longer than three months and acute lower back pain, which refers to pain that starts after an event like lifting a heavy object. Custom orthotics can help both categories and is known to significantly improve pain and discomfort. 

With sciatica specifically, custom orthotics can help by:

Controlling Foot Movements

Your orthotic device can be used to control motions of your foot that may be transferred up the leg and to the lower back. Excessive movement of your foot beyond its range of motion can transfer into rotational movement of the leg. This rotation will then transfer up to your knee and lead to pain, or it can pass through the knee up to the hip and cause the muscles in your lower back to work overtime to stabilize. Custom foot orthotics can be used in these cases to control the movements of your foot and reduce the cascading effect up your leg to your lower back. 

Reducing Impact on Joints

An orthotic device can also be used to reduce impact forces while you walk. When the joints in your foot have reduced ranges of movement, the force of your heel striking the ground can be transferred through your foot and up your leg to your hip and lower back, and this problem is more common with individuals who have high arches and a rigid foot structure. Your custom orthotic will provide cushioning and distribute the pressure beneath your feet evenly, reducing some of the impact forces associated with walking. 

Custom orthotics are designed to the individual needs of the person and their feet. They are specific to your feet; every factor will be considered to ensure your orthotics can help with your sciatica. Custom orthotics can be adjusted or modified if your needs change to ensure your continual, optimal comfort in your day-to-day activity.


Are you ready to say goodbye to sciatic pain? Custom foot orthotics may be the answer, and our team here at Apex Physiotherapy & Chiropractic can provide you with more information. We will discuss all of the benefits custom orthotics provide, and you can contact us any time to schedule an appointment!