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Acupuncture at Apex in Ajax, Pickering


We have a contemporary medical approach to acupuncture which uses the insertion of fine solid needles into specific points along the body to improve dysfunction and alleviate pain. Dr. Gordon-Tennant is further trained to activate inhibited and weakened muscles (which may be the root cause of your pain condition) with the use of acupuncture needles through the Exstore® technique system. A simplified explanation of medical acupuncture is that it is tricking the body into healing itself. The body believes it is injured with the insertion of a needle (which does not actually cause any significant damage). In response, the body releases its own pain relieving/healing substances to speed recovery and alleviate pain.

Why not get in touch with us today? When it comes to the very best treatment through acupuncture in Ajax, Pickering, we pride ourselves on our trusted expertise. Call us today at (905) 492-2739.

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