Physiotherapy: A Natural And Easy Solution To Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is not something you look forward to as you age. Unfortunately, shoulder pain is one of the most common joint pains that we experience as we age. Sure, you can take an anti-inflammatory or rub a topical cream on, but one of the most effective solutions is something you don’t need to swallow or rub on; it’s physiotherapy! Physiotherapy is an all-natural and easy way to relieve, manage, and even completely eliminate shoulder pains.

Why do I have shoulder pain?

Before determining what to do about shoulder pain, the cause of shoulder pain should be addressed. Shoulder pain can occur for many reasons, the cause will almost always determine how we go about with treatment.

First, determine if this is the first time you’ve felt this pain. Does it feel like anything that’s happened before? Is it sharp? Dull? Does it stay in one place? Is there anything that makes it feel worse or better? These are all questions your physiotherapist will ask to determine what is causing your pain.

Some conditions that may be the culprit include:

  • Arthritis

Arthritis in the shoulder causes stiffness in the joint and difficulty with mobility. Depending on the kind of arthritis, the bones are either breaking down or the joints are swelling.

  • Torn cartilage

Tearing cartilage sounds almost as painful as it is. Tears can happen in a number of ways, but all result in painful symptoms and decreased strength. With physiotherapy, the pain will decrease and strength will increase.

  • stains/sprain

Spraining or straining your shoulder can happen at any point. It is when a muscle or ligament gets stretched too far, this can happen after a dislocation.

  • Pain from inactivity

If you have ever sat or laid down in one position for a long time, you know the crampy feeling you get in your joints when you stand up. That uncomfortable feeling is multiplied if a joint is immobilized for a long time, like after a fracture or broken bone.

  • Joint inflammation

Joint inflammation conditions like bursitis happen in joints of repeated activity, if left untreated, chronic pain will result. If you’re experiencing bursitis, you might feel an aching pain in your shoulder accompanied by redness of the skin.

What can physiotherapy do for you?

Physiotherapy as a practice boasts improved mobility, flexibility, long-term pain relief as well as increased joint longevity. Physiotherapy can be a combination of massage, acupuncture, exercises, and more. At Apex Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinic, our professionals will develop a plan and allow you to feel as though your shoulder has aged backward! Call us and ask what we can do for you today!