Fall Prevention: Simple Home Safety Tips for Seniors

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Falling is the number one cause of injuries among seniors, and many of these accidents happen at home. This is a scary thought, but the good news is the majority of these falls are preventable if the right measures are taken.  

Dangerous falls can lead to potentially life-altering injuries, but becoming aware of your living environment and making the necessary changes can dramatically reduce the chances of having an accident at home. 

Seniors will feel a lot safer when they:

  1. Install non-skid bath mats

Self-adhesive slip-resistant strips are also very effective and should be placed in tubs and showers to prevent falls in the bathroom.

  1. Install solid handrails on all stairs

Going up and down stairs can be very dangerous, but placing solid handrails on both sides will provide seniors with stability and allow them to climb stairs a lot more easily.

  1. Make sure the home is well-lit

Darkness can lead to falls, and seniors need to be able to see their surroundings. Proper lighting throughout the home is a must, as this will make it easier for seniors to navigate through their space, and they will be able to detect potential tripping hazards.

  1. Make sure rugs are slip-proof

Getting your foot caught in a rug is very common, and this is even more problematic for seniors who cannot catch their fall. All rugs in the home should be slip-proof, and taping them to the floor is highly recommended.

  1. Remove items that are easy to trip over

They must be removed, whether it’s an ottoman in the middle of the room, electrical cords or a pile of books. Clutter is a significant concern due to the potential trip hazard and subsequent injuries. A senior whose structural integrity and bone health may already be compromised could be at high risk for serious injury due to slips, trips and falls. Removing unnecessary clutter will establish a clean environment that is far less accident-prone.

  1. Install safety grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet

Seniors may have difficulty lowering themselves onto the toilet, but a grab bar will provide support. They will be able to lower and lift themselves with the help of this tool, and installing one in the shower is also highly recommended. This bar will prevent seniors from slipping and falling on the wet surface. 

  1. Install anti-slip safety treads on all stairs

This consideration applies to stairs on the interior and exterior of the house. Treads should be placed on all stairs to provide seniors with a better grip.  

  1. Make any necessary repairs

Loose floorboards, for example, should be repaired immediately, and any other components that can cause accidents should be dealt with immediately. 

These simple yet effective steps will positively impact daily routines and reduce the likelihood of a serious fall for seniors.


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